All-In-One Community Association Management

Our Company

Community And Lifestyle Management LLC (“CALM”) is subsidiary of Governmental Management Services that was established for the purpose of providing unparalleled community management services to all types of resident communities.

Our Vision

The goal of CALM is to provide the most efficient, effective and comprehensive management services for resident communities in the State of Florida. Community and Lifestyle Management’s greatest strength is its ability to respond to individual client needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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Our Offices

Orlando, FL
Office Icon        6200 Lee Vista Blvd, Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32822
Phone Icon        Phone: +1 (407) 841-5524
Fax Icon        Fax: +1 (407) 839-1526
Tampa, FL
Office Icon        4530 Eagle Falls Pl
                     Tampa, FL 33619
Phone Icon        Phone: +1 (813) 344-4844
Fax Icon        Fax: +1 (954) 721-9202